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Nothing speaks about Creative Montessori School quite like our parents.  Here are some nice things that our parents are saying about us:

“The school is super and prepared my boys for elementary school wonderfully. It was hard to leave when my boys had to move on to first grade. I would recommend it for any child, any circumstances. Miss Susan can teach like no other teacher that we have had before.”
–Jeannie Tungate

“This is our first year at Creative Montessori and I could not be more pleased. Susan and her staff provide a loving, caring, hands-on environment where every child works at his/her own pace. My husband and I are so happy that we found Creative and only wish we had discovered it sooner so our older children could have had the opportunity to attend.”
–Brooke Hamilton

“I liked that the school has a multi-cultural teacher on staff!”
–Jenni Fowler.

“When friends ask us about Montessori, the best advertising I can show them is my son. The amount of knowledge he has accumulated over the last year is amazing. At fours years old knows all about space—the names of planets and facts about each one, how the solar system works and what gravity is. He understands the numerical system and can count by 2’s, 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s. He is reading and starting basic math. He can even speak more Spanish than I can! He is well behaved, respectful and confident. Most of all though, being at Creative Montessori has fostered a love of learning within him. He genuinely enjoys going to school every day, and never stops asking questions and learning new ideas. That is the most valuable thing he could learn from any school.”
–Erin Smith

“I love the way Ms. Susan interprets and balances the Montessori method in a way to suit the children of our time.”
–Hisae Maeda

“My son is in his second year at Creative Montessori, and it has been an incredible experience. I am amazed at how much he has learned and matured over the past year and half. Susan is an incredibly gifted teacher and her assistants are equally wonderful. If you step inside their classroom you will be greeted by a room full of well behaved, happy and engaged children. I could not ask for  a better preschool experience for my son.”
–Erin Smith

“Susan is an incredible teacher. Her hands-on approach with my son shows. In the few short months he has been attending Creative Montessori I have noticed marked improvements in his patience, reasoning and fine motor skills. He has so much fun at school that he can hardly wait to go see Ms. Susan every day.”
–Casey Haley

“All the teachers have such a warm and loving attitude towards the children. They observe each child carefully and assist them accordingly. From my observation every child loves going to school and loves Ms. Susan. My son, who is normally shy, guarded and sensitive, fell in love with Ms. Susan from the beginning of the orientation week. As parents, we feel comfortable having our child at a school with such lovely teachers, and feel lucky to have Ms. Susan involved in our child’s growth.”
–Hisae Maeda

“When we first visited Creative Montessori, my three year old son fell in love with it right away. Even though there were 20 kids in one big room, it was a calm atmosphere. After a year of studying here, we see a tremendous leap in our son’s academics as well as his social skills.”
–Emma Hui Hui

“We are so lucky to have our children enrolled in this wonderful school. It is an amazing, kind  place to learn.”
–Liz Fortson

“Thank you for giving my children the best foundation for learning I could have imagined.”
–Irene Hong-McAtee